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Saturday, December 29th, 2007
7:25 pm
Rampaging Hormones! ...I mean, Rampaging Profile!
What, no love for twins?

Name: Carter Iranon Fitz
Age: Eighteen
Birthday: June 29, 1988
Homeworld: Earth--Jacob and Ran's, but not Andrew's.
Ht: Six-foot-one
Wt: two twenty. My cartilaginous webbing weighs a bunch.
Mother: Carla Calendula Fitz
Father: Daniel Trapper Fitz
Sibs: Randolph, Sam, Neil, Ally, and Crow
Spouses etc: Koyote and Ran.
Appearance: I'm a big guy. Kinda bulky, spiky brown hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin. I have a nice ass and my toes are kinda hairy. I don't really know how to describe myself. I have a collection of scars and I'm usually smiling. I keep my fingernails so short people tend to think I bite 'em, but I don't. I have thick wrists, a happy trail, and some little freckles and moles and such...kind of usual.
Type: Warrior
Subtype: Avatar
Color: red, baby.
Blood type: A-
Likes: sports, weapons, odd words, food, pop culture, the outdoors, the indoors, animals, world travel, fighting, close friends, sex, lots of weird family, the eldritch, being a Fitz, the works of Gregory MacGuire, movies, stuff, sunsets, buying things (not clothes)
Dislikes: being alone, bigots, hypocrisy, anyone badmouthing my family, Randolph's emotional issues, any harm to my friends and loved ones, trying to hyphenate anything on a keyboard, leet speak, Randolph being sick, pork, the movie Baseketball, religious zealotry, people thinking I'm an idiot, hazing.

Why am I here? Partially, because my twin is. Little brother still likes to follow big brother around sometimes. As for the rest...'m not sure how to describe it. The urge to be flip is too strong...I'm not really going to answer the question now. Like the man says: "What a long, strange trip it's been."

Current Mood: pleased
7:39 am
Give in to the ache of your trembling thighs
 I don't have a userpic, either.

Name: Jacob Elsin Sansoriin

Age: 27

Ht: I finally have a height! Six foot.

Wt: Um...I'm not sure. Slender and toned. Maybe 150, 155 or so. 160, tops.

Race: 1/2 Whimsy Fae, 1/2 human

Mother: Elsina Sansoriin

Father: I don't know his name. Some Whimsy, somewhere.

Siblings: One older brother, Allan Sansoriin. He's thirty-two

Spouses etc: My bonded, Halsinzeh. All the rest is according to my whims.

Appearance: In human form, I'm slender and tall, with flawless pale skin just barely shaded with pink, soft lips, and startlingly red hair. My eyes are blue, and I tend to favor soft sweaters and turtlenecks. I have pixie features, large eyes, and a taut body. Until quite recently, it all changed without notice, and I was never sure how to describe myself, since what I saw of myself wasn't what anyone else saw. But now, everyone sees what Hal sees, even me. That makes me very happy, in a deep-down delicious way. In my fae form, I'm almost the same, but my skin is peach colored with lavender dapples, I have small, lavender antennae, and of course I have wings--translucent, irridescent lavender butterfly wings. The faint scent of ripe, sun-warmed peaches follows me around.

Likes: books, knowlege, my store (Bell, Book, And Candle: Occult Supplies and Books Since 1607), sex, sex with men, sex with women, sex in groups, dangerous sex, sweet sex, desperate sex, needy sex, rough sex, dreamy sex, slow sex, fast sex...sex. My brother, my friends, bell choirs, opera, chocolate, rainy days, snowy winter afternoons when you have nowhere very much to be, beaches, the smell of bacon, big breakfasts, lobster, sushi, licking hot melted butter out of someone's navel, crepes, raw vegetables, Christmas, apple pie, cinnamon, cloves.

Dislikes: rape sex, anti-abortionists, most Christians, banal sex, unhappiness, stale bread, lukewarm water (I don't use it for ANYTHING. I'd rather have an ice-cold shower than a lukewarm one), the idea of sin.

Why am I here? Taste my body, pretty one, and then tell me I'm not wicked.

Current Mood: flirty
Friday, December 28th, 2007
8:08 pm
The Turtle

 Ooh, info. I'll join in. Uh...the userpic says "default". I suppose that will do, since I don't have one of my own.

Name: Andrew Zimmerman

Age: 21 or so

Date of birth: I don't know. In the winter, I think. Late winter. Maybe...February? There was snow one year...I remember it on top of the mailbox in the little brick duplex I lived in with my mother when I was very small. But I don't remember the actual day.

Race and world: Human, Earth. Which Earth? My Earth.

Mother: Again, I don't remember her name. It might have been Alicia. To me, she was mostly just Mom. There's not a whole lot of investigative subtlety in an eight year old, I'm afraid.

Father: No idea. I'm not even sure if my mother could tell you.

Siblings: Once more, I have no idea.

I am a nowhere child, and I live a nowhere life of concrete and jimsonweed, mocha slush piled high in the gutters, and dandelions. Rainy nights and lonely streetlamps flickering over abandoned parking lots, and the crunch of broken glass under my feet. Hand rolled cigarettes, chapped lips and chillblains, trash fires and the lonely, secret insulating isolation of tucking myself up small under a highway bridge with my mouth down under the collar of my coat to warm my chest, listening to the cars go by and wondering about the busy lives that flash by inside them, quick as their streaking headlights. There's an itch in me--I can't stay put, and it gets worse as I get older. I love the road, I love to travel. There's a wanderlust on me as strong as a geas, and I'm always easier in my mind when I'm moving. I can't drive a car, I've never shot a gun, and I love my friend Rhiannon's cooking. I don't like being hungry, but it's gotten to the point where I don't really notice much anymore. I'm almost never unhappy. I hate hurting the people I care for. I don't drink, but I do smoke. I'm a Hunter, specifically an Avenger, although folk rarely guess that and it sometimes surprises me too. I'm dying, but I don't like to mention it. It bothers others far more than it bothers me. I like animals, and mountains, and I think everyone has at least one good story in them worth hearing. Like Anne Frank, I believe most folk are basically good at heart, and I've seen plenty to support that hypothesis in the course of my life. I've done a lot of living in not a lot of time, and I'm proud to say I've not done anything I look back on with shame. My only regret in the course of my life, at least so far, is that the eventual end of it will hurt people. I'm sorry for that.

I'm also, apparently, a little allergic to question-and-answer format.

I find it hard to quantify my likes and dislikes in a simple way. Maybe I'll update this later.

Why am I here? Truthfully, I'm not sure. I'm not certain that I'm wicked, although my ecumecism doubtless makes me appear so to various parties (*coughhunterscough*). I suppose I'm here because every gathering like this needs a few idealists. ...or maybe just because.

Current Mood: happy
8:02 pm
Wake up!
No one has posted anything in far too long a time! After the personal info and a few pieces of commentary, the whole community seemed to just die. Fuck that. I'm going to post a question, and my answer to it, and I expect some feedback from people.

The first question is: What is the origin and purpose of morality? I'll answer tomorrow.

We should have a palaver, by the way. 
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
3:25 am
Name: Halsinzeh

Age: A little over two and a half thousand

Date of Birth: unknown, but I'll take October 25th

Height: 6'11

Weight: 280

Mother: Priestess Lailianne

Father: Guess Who

siblings: none, thankfully

Spouses and permanent lovers: Jacob....and? I wonder.

Appearance: Tall with dark hair and eyes, a tendency towards black layered robes with intricate designs and shifting patterns. Hair to the bottom of my back if released from the hundreds of braids my hair is kept in. It is a Black dragon custom to braid your hair more the older you are. My kingdom's stones include black diamond, obsidian, onyx, and tiger's eye and I use them woven through my hair sometimes.

Color: Black and Violet

Type: Black Dragon King

Subtype: Nightmare Sculptor

Things I like: dark gardens, understanding and crafting desires, philosophy, rich foods, dessert, cats, sleeping on....treasure, being just mean enough, reading, flying in space

Things I dislike: hypocrisy, simpletons, being hungry, sleeping too much, headaches

Blood type: ...I have no idea. Demi-god Light I suppose.

Why am I here?: Apparently there are wicked people discussing themselves here, why wouldn't I be interested? And I believe Reve was using this place as well.
2:36 am
And in this corner, me.
Name: Narusoba Muraki

Age: 41

Date of Birth: June 12, 1965

Height: 6'1

Weight: 195

Mother: Narusoba  Mamiko

Father: Narusoba Youshi

siblings: insane younger sister Ayako

Spouses and permanent lovers: Ken-chan

Appearance: Thick but short grey hair, light purple eyes, and seme shoulders. Most likely seen in a lab coat. Small glasses, of course. Slightly thicker in build then my Ken, but not overweight. Muscles, I've been assured by my gym, are on their way. Apparently I look like an anime character, so I went and bought his ridiculous jacket to add to my collection of ridiculous jackets.

Color: royal purple

Type: Mad Scientist

Subtype: Homo genius

Things I like: Kensuke's attitude, Kaworu's lack of drooling, Advanced physics, bioengineering, DNA study, Quantum Mechanics, busting down limitations, time travel, tesseracts, high school evil-doing, computer programming, micro cosmo macro cosmo theory, shoving dinosaur bones at Christians, quiet time, hot cups of cocoa or tea

Things I dislike: ignorance, ugly dogs, rock music, any movie with a digit higher then 2 attached, avant guard things, changing diapers, lack of sex, Pez dispensers, twisted dogma

Blood type: B-

Why am I here?: Philosophically, grammatically, or literally? Because my road ended up here, and the choices I've made have thus far led me to typing this little biography.

Current Mood: amused
Monday, September 17th, 2007
12:18 am
Name: Eric Vincent Stratton

Age: 18

Date of Birth: July 27th, 1987

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 171 pounds

Mother: Lucinda Stratton

Father: Johnathon Stratton

siblings: baby Jack Stratton ^_^

Spouses and permanent lovers: Ookami, Anarazumi Hajime

Appearance: British, thin, short black hair with long bangs, red eyes, red scar around the eye, not always in bandages...really.

Color: blood red

Type: Anguissette

Subtype: British Gunslinger

Things I like: wolves, pain, sado-masochism, literature, libraries, museums, archeology, cooking, singing, geisha, giving Ookami sudoku books, rope art, David Bowie, Monty Python, being silly, learning the blade, Ookami's eyes, guns guns guns, Ladies and Gentlemen We're Floating in Space, Pluto, face scars, hip scars, hand scars, Jime's tummy, dreaming, cabins, mystery novels, kung fu flicks, romantic movies, Tina Turner (what? Beyond Thunderdome was a good movie), lemon sherbert, bumblebees, Nietzsche, Greek philosophy, free will, submission, masculine samurai, the death of pedophiles, the Kill Pope Project, riding on Fenrir, Harry Potter, pumpkin juice, silky stuff, video games like Fable, wizardry, Britain!, Long  live the Queen So Charles is Pissed!~

Things I dislike: cowards, lime, headaches, pedophiles, having large feet, movies with "Booty" or "Vacation" in the title

Blood type: A-

Why am I here?: I first got invited to the Wicked Club meetings at Shin's house because I am Hajime's other husband. They were a ton of fun so I wanted to come back

Current Mood: awake
Sunday, September 16th, 2007
11:50 pm
Name: Saitou Hajime

Age: 37

Date of Birth: January 1, 1844

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 71 kilograms

Mother: Yamaguchi Masu

Father: Yamaguchi Yuusuke

siblings: older brother Hiroaki, older sister Katsu

Spouses and permanent lovers: Tokio-wife

Appearance: Tall, smoking a cigarette

Color: red

Type: Wolf of Mibu

Subtype: Traditionalist

Things I like: slaying evil, swordsmanship, true strength, walks at night, eating regularly, nature, taiko drums, plain soba, coming up with nicknames, weasels

Things I dislike: my dead and tragic clone, excuses for weakness, culture destruction, badgers, eating disorders, frivolous and pointless things, being untidy

Blood type: O

Why am I here?: There is an intergalactic pest problem. I'm researching the various worlds they inhabit.
Saturday, September 15th, 2007
12:28 am
Outcast Jedi of the Old Republic
Name: in western order, Hajime Anarazumi.

Aliases: Yuurei, Aeloki, and a variety hour of pet names.

Age: 19

Birthdate: November 10, 1986

Ht: 5'2" and assorted small change

Wt: fluctuates between 128 and 132, depending on what I've been doing and if I've been eating.

Mother: Naomi Anarazumi, driving instructor, swinger, Wonder Woman, exploratory chef

Father: Satoru Anarazumi, diplomat, Batman, patient paternal hero

Siblings: older sister Hanako Anarazumi, vampire, lezzbin, fag hag; younger brother Sanosuke Anarazumi, artist, playa, best little brother ever

Spouses and permanent lovers: Lords above and below. Spouses: Eric Stratton, Shizua Anarazumi, Shinji Peltier. Permanent lovers: Kei Nandegawa, Hisoka Mitsurugi. Casual ongoing lovers: Carrot, Raphael, Charlie, Kaioba, Hadrizel. Deceased permanent lover: Shiyo.

Hair: absorptive black

Eyes: ditto. Not quite matte black, but about as dark as India ink.

Type: King

Subtype: Horror

Color: that one true breathless blue between sunset and darkness, between wishing and holding, between breath and blood. My color may be black, but my heart lives in blue.

Blood type: A

Likes: sex, ghosts, shinto, being constantly underestimated, inspiring passion, inspiring fear, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, good movies, martial arts, kyuudo, being multilingual, an intergalactic assload of dimensional travel, my friends, my family, my loved ones, driving, being right, being MORE right than Kyle, sushi, dark chocolate chip cookies, lemonade, quiet summer evenings, sunsets, Paris, Pluto, Japan, Japanese culture, teasing Shin about France, Clint Eastwood movies, abandoned places, academics, air hockey, alan rickman, amusing quotes, angel, angel sanctuary, anime, astrophysics, bad scifi movies, being gay, being loved, bladerunner, blades, books, buffy the vampire slayer, bunny boys, cats, chemistry, classical history, cocoa, comparative theology, contemplation, cryptozoology, dance dance revolution, dancing, dark chocolate, david bowie, doujinshi, driving my husband nuts, exhibitionism, family, fever dreams, fireflies, freedom, friends, gackt, ghosts, godless heathens, gods, gojira flicks, h.p. lovecraft, hating anne rice, immortality, intellectual elitism, j-rock, japanese culture, jrock, literature, lord of the rings, lovers, magic, making exceptions, martial arts, meandering, meditation of pain, mortality, music, my fish, my friends, mysteries, mythology, natural world, neopets, obsidian, occult, oddities, peace and quiet, pluto, sadism, samurai movies, sandunes, scars, secrets, sen to chihiro, singing, space, stargazing, supernatural, teasing, terry pratchett, unagi, unashamed sexuality, vampires, violin, waterfalls, wholeness, winter, yaoi. Haha, I have reprinted my interests list, and I regret nothing.

Dislikes: Bigots, chili, fried food, pedophiles, and Miki's whore ass are my biggest dislikes.

Current Mood: horny
Friday, September 14th, 2007
11:33 pm
Some me
Name: Austra Reikaido

Age: 79 or 1 depending on how you look at it

Date of Birth: February 13th

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 189 (silver makes me quite heavy for my height)

Mother: Reikaido Reisa

Father: Reikaido Dai

Siblings: brother and a sister, Yatsudo and Akako

Spouses and permanent lovers:  Aya, Shin

Appearance: Layered hair made of silver, purple eyes, small build, and delicate hands. My smile is where most of me is.

Color: Well, that's rather obvious

Type: Archmage

Subtype: thrillseeker

Things I like: ancient ruins, arcane studies, tomes, violent changes, beauty personified through willpower, determination, being sadistic, acrobatics, Aya's stories, pirating, our flying ship, Mischa's cheekbones, butterflies and their counterpart razors, magical languages, dragonic

Things I dislike: Oh that list is so long I dare not try and capture it all at once. Pretentious "elite", sore losers, sour things, simple minds, repetition, synthesizers, not having a comfortable amount of treasure to support my complete refusal to work outside adventuring

Blood type: silver

Why am I here?: I am wicked after all.
10:24 pm
Stuff about me, so glad you wanted to know
Name: Bokua Atsuro (done Nihongo style)

Age: 18

Date of Birth: June 23, 1989

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 141

Mother: Bokua Atsumi

Father: One Night Stand no. 295 ( Bokua Kentaro)

Siblings: none unfortunately (I want a hot twin sister)

Spouses and permanent lovers:  Yanko

Appearance: kinda skinny with a layer of muscles that look like I've been knife fighting in alleys for a few years, brown hair, grey eyes, one big white eye that can see your sins, and a scar caused by a really bad decision.

Color: Shit, no not shit color, I mean shit I'm not sure what "color" I'm suppose to be. Black I guess.

Type: Streetwise Punk

Subtype: vehement asshole ( I don't want a goddamn hug!)

Things I like: fight club, talking about fight club, sex hot as summer concrete, seeming American despite not being one, Halo, card sharking, poker, basketball, eating out, kicking the ass of stupid people, ranting at emo people, bitching, truth, sexy women, women who aren't flimsy, Shakira, latin music, tough ass ninjas, rock music

Things I dislike: touchy feely strangers, hype, people who pick their nose in public, emo kids, McEmo kids, clowns, drunk frat boys who don't have the nads to admit their homos, bitches, the color purple, bad weed, politicians, dumb people, people who think they know what's going on in the Universe, movies with female singers trying to act, THE FOUNTAIN, George "Dur" Bush, cheap beer, diet anything, Ashley, badgers, skeezy rip-offs, horse porn, obnoxious morons, WWJD bracelets, cheap motels, cowards, pacifists (not all, just ones like Vash), uneducated hillbillies, whore peddling nasty ass white trash, children factories, any name that ends in "quasia", simpering, Celine Dion, Canadian money, fat whiny fangirls, people who think Sephiroth is gay and hoping desperately for some nice ass to calm his raging insanity, break dancing, muffin top girls, A cups, the phrase "LOL", anything supersized, black people (just kidding), unfunny racist jokes, leg warmers, 80's teen movies, Paris Hilton, Brittany anything, leg hair or armpit hair on a woman, man titties, swimming with swarms of children, Indian food, Yahoo Serious, Carrot Top, Creed, silk pajamas on men, people who manage to fail at suicide by 'cutting the wrong way', wasted potential

Blood type: B+

Why am I here?: Because I was invited and I was bored. And anything with wicked slapped on it at least deserves a perverse glance.

Current Mood: bored
8:04 pm
Personal information and in need of a better picture
Name: Shinji Didier Peltier

Age: 150

Date of Birth: December 22nd, 1858

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 159  (vampires are a bit light after all)

Mother: Vivian Evette Peltier

Father: Kurozuku Shinji

Siblings: Genivieve Azura Peltier

Spouses and permanent lovers: Anarazumi Hajime

Appearance: Wide shoulders and thin with short black hair (with one grey streak on one side and two on the other), a sharp face with a varied grab-bag of French and Japanese facial features. Light blue eyes with snow flurries (my, doesn't that sound fanciful) and the pale skin and long boxed off ears of the Aokaze (my clan).

Color: cyan blue

Type: deviant artistocrat

Subtype: bohemian paradox

Things I like: wicked ways, Yurei, music, true art, keeping lofty, silence, learning to breathe through love, poetry, silk, composing, falling, getting back up, various and passionate liasons, the cello, studying ice magic, owning and defending a plethora of French pornography, griping at bad artists, philosophy,

Things I dislike: America as a whole, grease, fried things, unpleasant odors, oil, gritty anything, boring sex or people, banality, a life without pain, Christianity's current state, women who aren't elegant or strong, glaring colors, not having eyes, mass produced trinkets, dead gods, people who believe one should never kill, spiders, pungent perfumes

Blood type: Yurei's

Why am I here?: Because I want to foster a place where freedom of speech is about analyzing the nature of existence and about interesting viewpoints instead of a license to crudely spread ridiculously ignorant self-important opinions.

Also, I am curious to a fault.
Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
9:43 pm
Bitch I spit bees!
Name: Serak of House Tzercaska

Age: 399,999

Date of Birth: March 18

Height: 6'2"

Homeworld: Soreza, Kaitana

Race: Dragon

Siblings: Kaitana, Ashura, Izuna, Zakuro

Spouses and permanent lovers: What?

Appearance: Look at the picture. I don't have time for this.

Color: poison green

Type: Avenger

Subtype: Cynic

Things I like: acid, dissolving stupid people in acid, puninshing the stupid, burninating the countryside, screwing with religious freaks, sex, drinking, getting Kaitana drunk, acting wild, plotting the demise of his enemies, Kablammo! coffee, strong drinks, strong people, Japanese food, sword combat, killin', pretending to be a god

Things I dislike: GOLD MOTHERFUCKING DRAGONS, stupid people, dragon politics, vampires, vampire politics, humans, humans' stories about killing dragons, halfhearted people, dolls, pancakes, vinegar, emo-ness, "broken" people, welfare mothers, lawyers

Blood type: ??

Why am I here?: Because I want to and I'm a motherfucking acid dragon. I spit bees!

Current Mood: bitchy
9:22 pm
Name: Mikage of House Alcizane

Age: 257,154

Date of Birth: November 30

Height: 5'8"

Homeworld: Soreza, Kaitana

Race: Dragon

Siblings: none

Spouses and permanent lovers: ......

Appearance: Tall, thin, and pink.

Color: pink

Type: Healer

Subtype: Mentor

Things I like: tea, the ocean, watching sunsets, children, art, music, cooking, medicine, board games, being a pirate captain, chickens, moonlit landscapes, Cheza's drawings, being a father, glass objects, listening to Serak's rants, human men, Kaitana, winter, snowstorms

Things I dislike: Soreza, my mother, pedophiles, my culture, Kirin dragons, coffee, Charles Dickens' writing, technology, weak willed people, fire, summer, meaningless music, people who hate children, red bean ice cream, fish

Blood type: ??

Why am I here?: Balance.

I am a dragon, and I have a young daughter named Cheza. I have recently been bothered by Mujina-spawn, and I dearly hope that hasn't adversely affected my daughter. It would be nice for once to find someone that doesn't completely ignore her.

Current Mood: annoyed
5:39 pm
Name: Kieran Sinai

Age: 146

Date of Birth: February 21, 6133

Height: 5'3"

Homeworld: Davo

Race: Reploid

Siblings: Shiruba, Hedrin, Laren, Surudoi, Enker, Rayden, Kishar, Akhen, Pavil, Alexis, Dmitri, Reve, Ciel, Etoile, Asa, Forte, Zero, X.

Spouses and permanent lovers: Kiss my ass

Appearance: I look like a frickin' bumblebee with purple eyes.

Color: yelow and black

Type: Revolutionary

Subtype: Cynic

Things I like: storms, rainy days, the natural world, camping, being away from the city, being lost, sitting on rooftops, writing, science fiction, throwing eggs at people from rooftops, the moons

Things I dislike: life, my world, badgers, worms, plugs, CELL PHONES, waifs, humanity, old people, cooking, the whole idea of knitting, home economics, hospitals, being stuck in one place, buildings, driving

Blood type: Pure rage

Why am I here?: Because life is a lemon and I want my money back.

Current Mood: disenchanted
5:31 pm
Juno on the rag
Name: Juno Ishihara, Rockman Juno, Zhuno, take your pick.

Age: Wouldn't you like to know. How old do I look?

Date of Birth: March 15. Suck it, Caesar.

Height: 5'7"

Homeworld: Careta

Race: Caretan?

Siblings: Sera, Jiji, Gatz, Yuna

Spouses and permanent lovers: Ha! I laugh in your general direction. Who wants a piece of me? Good fucking luck. I'm not going to be nice about it. I guess you could say I'm a little bit bitter.

Appearance:  I am the most beautiful being to ever walk the planet. No? Well, look at the goddamn picture.

Color: Pink. You got a problem with that?

Type: Bureaucratic misanthrope

Subtype: ANGRY

Things I like: tea and cookies.

Things I dislike: stupid people, fat people, lazy people, bald people, old people, young people, teenage people, humans, work, birds, badgers, men, women, children, stupid little whiny ass "broken" emo waifs who want to "help people" and save people with pussy, fangirls, Trigger, mary sues, people who write mary sues, people who ARE mary sues, the concept of heaven, Christianity, Baptists, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Girl Scouts, grocery stores, Diet Coke (you're still fat, bitches!), and many many many more things. I hate everything.

Blood type: O

Why am I here?: Court ordered community service?

Current Mood: hostile
5:28 pm
Name: Jade Curtiss

Age: 35

Date of Birth: November 22

Height: 6'1"

Homeworld: Auldrant

Race: Esper?

Siblings: Nephrite Osbourne, Meroe Balfour, Levi

Spouses and permanent lovers: Peony and Saphir

Appearance: (Peony: Well, first off all, he's too goddamn skinny. I mean, I really think he runs on lust and rage. That, and picking on the stupid. I keep shoving cake in his direction so it won't feel like I'm fucking a skeleton. He's got great hair, though. Kinda girly. It's that weird dark gold color that you can't tell if it's brown or blond. It'd be funny is he was a blond. He's got piercing red eyes that you usually can't see because of the glasses. I hate those glasses. They make him less hot.)

Color: green or blue

Type: Prodigy

Subtype: Jackass

Things I like: men, sex, sex with men, sex with men in inappropriate places, teasing people, ridiculing the stupid, potatoes, spicy food, spicy men, magic, showing off my magic, human organs, death, being an "intellectual bully", pushing my limits, being the best, whipping off my glasses in an overly dramatic manner

Things I dislike: nosy people, pigs, sweet things, questions about my past, Nephry, Mujina copies, teaching people, healers, college students, whiny people, weakness, people who think I'm Levi, people in general, people who don't get that I'm gay, Republicans, losing, people who need to be coddled, contact lenses, people who can sing, PEONY'S GOD DAMN SECRET ADMIRER

Blood type: AB-

Why am I here?: To be the lord and master of all that I survey. And possibly to have sex on the table.

Current Mood: amused
5:01 pm
Name: Harpuia Kenshou

Age: Depends on the world. At the moment, 213

Date of Birth: September 1

Height: 5'9"

Homeworld: Ruined World

Race: Reploid (X-Type)

Siblings: Phantom Inshou, Fefnir Toushou, Leviathan Youshou

Spouses and permanent lovers: .....

Appearance: I am made of green and bony.

Color: Green mothafucka!

Type: Sage

Subtype: Wanderer

Things I like: the wind, flying, rebuilding my world, stealing, lying to stupid people, fighting, protecting the innocent, metacognition, freedom, nature, apples, starting revolutions


Blood type: Oil

Why am I here?: I came to steal the good china.

My timeline is hella screwed up, so my answers come out a little schizo. Gomen.

Current Mood: random
4:47 pm
Name: Elsa Miriam Naranek II

Age: 1119

Date of Birth: October 28

Height: 5'3"

Homeworld: Kinmoku? Ermaria?

Race: I'm a welfare check!

Siblings: none

Spouses and permanent lovers: .... I'd rather not talk about that.

Appearance: I'm short, my hair is the color of blood, and I'm usually covered in armor.

Color: Kablammo!

Type: Adventurer

Subtype: Observer

Things I like: caves, exploring, Avernum, kicking some ass, new worlds, watching people, helping people who aren't emotionally crippled or psychotic, the color black, weapons, teaching people, happy friendly spiders

Things I dislike: men who don't understand that lesbians means NOT YOU, people who obsess over lesbians, people who think a broken relationship should stay together just because they "like a picture", stupid girls in love, people who take advantage of love, snails, happy friendly roaches, cave slimes, people who only care about treasure, being a princess, frivolous living, fat people who cry about their weight while eating ice cream.

Blood type: ??

Why am I here?: I have nowhere else to be.

Current Mood: withdrawn
2:15 pm
Basic information
I don't really like the written word all that much, so I think I'll do this in basic question-and-answer format like Randolph Fitz did. Here.

Name: in American terms, Kensuke Marusama.
Age: 31. Same world as Ilfren
D.O.B.: March 17, 1975
Ht: 5'10"
Wt: nonnaya business. Fags don't have to say their weight. Slim.
Mother: Asuka Marusama
Father: Seto Marusama
Sibs: one older sister named Naruko
Spouses? We have to pluralize this? Decadent perverts, all. I have one, count 'em, one husband, name of Muraki Narusoba.
Physical Description: I've got ashy brown hair that falls in my face if I'm looking down, reddish-brown eyes, a slim build, a sexy ass, and nice feet. I wear glasses and I look a lot like my user icon. I have no body piercings and I look fantastic in drag. I love wearing shades of gray and silver. Tight pants are my friend, lab coats are common.
Hm. Type? Scientist
Subtype: Theoretical Mathematician
Things I like: Proper grammar and spelling on the internet, learning, being smarter than you (and you, and ESPECIALLY you), being a bitchy fag, my husband, my son Kaworu, being telepathic, being telekinetic, having extremely nebulous ethics, being overqualified to work for NASA, cashmere, Egyptian cotton sheets, ROCK AND ROLL WILL NEVER DIE.
Dislikes: squares, man. Also hippies, straight people who say "faggot", people who don't believe in bisexuality, the entire IDEA of metrosexuality, fags who look at Oscar Wilde like some kind of decadent Fag God, the fact that nobody really gives a damn about Nobel prizes anymore, running out of interesting things to get degrees in, stupid people, fat people, tourists, those dumb fat carts you see in America, mu-mus, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, the fact that nobody can tell the difference between pedophilia and pederasty, homophobia, thongs, "bling" being EVER used by white people, racism, gay pride parades (thank you, Randolph), ska music, Avril Livigne, Celine Dion, nearly all hip-hop, Mariah Carey, women who think wailing like a dog with its tail stuck in a tea kettle counts as singing, and A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER SHIT.
Color: silver
Blood type: O-

Current Mood: amused
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