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Bitch I spit bees!

Name: Serak of House Tzercaska

Age: 399,999

Date of Birth: March 18

Height: 6'2"

Homeworld: Soreza, Kaitana

Race: Dragon

Siblings: Kaitana, Ashura, Izuna, Zakuro

Spouses and permanent lovers: What?

Appearance: Look at the picture. I don't have time for this.

Color: poison green

Type: Avenger

Subtype: Cynic

Things I like: acid, dissolving stupid people in acid, puninshing the stupid, burninating the countryside, screwing with religious freaks, sex, drinking, getting Kaitana drunk, acting wild, plotting the demise of his enemies, Kablammo! coffee, strong drinks, strong people, Japanese food, sword combat, killin', pretending to be a god

Things I dislike: GOLD MOTHERFUCKING DRAGONS, stupid people, dragon politics, vampires, vampire politics, humans, humans' stories about killing dragons, halfhearted people, dolls, pancakes, vinegar, emo-ness, "broken" people, welfare mothers, lawyers

Blood type: ??

Why am I here?: Because I want to and I'm a motherfucking acid dragon. I spit bees!
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