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Stuff about me, so glad you wanted to know

Name: Bokua Atsuro (done Nihongo style)

Age: 18

Date of Birth: June 23, 1989

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 141

Mother: Bokua Atsumi

Father: One Night Stand no. 295 ( Bokua Kentaro)

Siblings: none unfortunately (I want a hot twin sister)

Spouses and permanent lovers:  Yanko

Appearance: kinda skinny with a layer of muscles that look like I've been knife fighting in alleys for a few years, brown hair, grey eyes, one big white eye that can see your sins, and a scar caused by a really bad decision.

Color: Shit, no not shit color, I mean shit I'm not sure what "color" I'm suppose to be. Black I guess.

Type: Streetwise Punk

Subtype: vehement asshole ( I don't want a goddamn hug!)

Things I like: fight club, talking about fight club, sex hot as summer concrete, seeming American despite not being one, Halo, card sharking, poker, basketball, eating out, kicking the ass of stupid people, ranting at emo people, bitching, truth, sexy women, women who aren't flimsy, Shakira, latin music, tough ass ninjas, rock music

Things I dislike: touchy feely strangers, hype, people who pick their nose in public, emo kids, McEmo kids, clowns, drunk frat boys who don't have the nads to admit their homos, bitches, the color purple, bad weed, politicians, dumb people, people who think they know what's going on in the Universe, movies with female singers trying to act, THE FOUNTAIN, George "Dur" Bush, cheap beer, diet anything, Ashley, badgers, skeezy rip-offs, horse porn, obnoxious morons, WWJD bracelets, cheap motels, cowards, pacifists (not all, just ones like Vash), uneducated hillbillies, whore peddling nasty ass white trash, children factories, any name that ends in "quasia", simpering, Celine Dion, Canadian money, fat whiny fangirls, people who think Sephiroth is gay and hoping desperately for some nice ass to calm his raging insanity, break dancing, muffin top girls, A cups, the phrase "LOL", anything supersized, black people (just kidding), unfunny racist jokes, leg warmers, 80's teen movies, Paris Hilton, Brittany anything, leg hair or armpit hair on a woman, man titties, swimming with swarms of children, Indian food, Yahoo Serious, Carrot Top, Creed, silk pajamas on men, people who manage to fail at suicide by 'cutting the wrong way', wasted potential

Blood type: B+

Why am I here?: Because I was invited and I was bored. And anything with wicked slapped on it at least deserves a perverse glance.
Tags: and more fucking me, me
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