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And in this corner, me.

Name: Narusoba Muraki

Age: 41

Date of Birth: June 12, 1965

Height: 6'1

Weight: 195

Mother: Narusoba  Mamiko

Father: Narusoba Youshi

siblings: insane younger sister Ayako

Spouses and permanent lovers: Ken-chan

Appearance: Thick but short grey hair, light purple eyes, and seme shoulders. Most likely seen in a lab coat. Small glasses, of course. Slightly thicker in build then my Ken, but not overweight. Muscles, I've been assured by my gym, are on their way. Apparently I look like an anime character, so I went and bought his ridiculous jacket to add to my collection of ridiculous jackets.

Color: royal purple

Type: Mad Scientist

Subtype: Homo genius

Things I like: Kensuke's attitude, Kaworu's lack of drooling, Advanced physics, bioengineering, DNA study, Quantum Mechanics, busting down limitations, time travel, tesseracts, high school evil-doing, computer programming, micro cosmo macro cosmo theory, shoving dinosaur bones at Christians, quiet time, hot cups of cocoa or tea

Things I dislike: ignorance, ugly dogs, rock music, any movie with a digit higher then 2 attached, avant guard things, changing diapers, lack of sex, Pez dispensers, twisted dogma

Blood type: B-

Why am I here?: Philosophically, grammatically, or literally? Because my road ended up here, and the choices I've made have thus far led me to typing this little biography.
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