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 I don't have a userpic, either.

Name: Jacob Elsin Sansoriin

Age: 27

Ht: I finally have a height! Six foot.

Wt: Um...I'm not sure. Slender and toned. Maybe 150, 155 or so. 160, tops.

Race: 1/2 Whimsy Fae, 1/2 human

Mother: Elsina Sansoriin

Father: I don't know his name. Some Whimsy, somewhere.

Siblings: One older brother, Allan Sansoriin. He's thirty-two

Spouses etc: My bonded, Halsinzeh. All the rest is according to my whims.

Appearance: In human form, I'm slender and tall, with flawless pale skin just barely shaded with pink, soft lips, and startlingly red hair. My eyes are blue, and I tend to favor soft sweaters and turtlenecks. I have pixie features, large eyes, and a taut body. Until quite recently, it all changed without notice, and I was never sure how to describe myself, since what I saw of myself wasn't what anyone else saw. But now, everyone sees what Hal sees, even me. That makes me very happy, in a deep-down delicious way. In my fae form, I'm almost the same, but my skin is peach colored with lavender dapples, I have small, lavender antennae, and of course I have wings--translucent, irridescent lavender butterfly wings. The faint scent of ripe, sun-warmed peaches follows me around.

Likes: books, knowlege, my store (Bell, Book, And Candle: Occult Supplies and Books Since 1607), sex, sex with men, sex with women, sex in groups, dangerous sex, sweet sex, desperate sex, needy sex, rough sex, dreamy sex, slow sex, fast My brother, my friends, bell choirs, opera, chocolate, rainy days, snowy winter afternoons when you have nowhere very much to be, beaches, the smell of bacon, big breakfasts, lobster, sushi, licking hot melted butter out of someone's navel, crepes, raw vegetables, Christmas, apple pie, cinnamon, cloves.

Dislikes: rape sex, anti-abortionists, most Christians, banal sex, unhappiness, stale bread, lukewarm water (I don't use it for ANYTHING. I'd rather have an ice-cold shower than a lukewarm one), the idea of sin.

Why am I here? Taste my body, pretty one, and then tell me I'm not wicked.
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