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Rampaging Hormones! ...I mean, Rampaging Profile!

What, no love for twins?

Name: Carter Iranon Fitz
Age: Eighteen
Birthday: June 29, 1988
Homeworld: Earth--Jacob and Ran's, but not Andrew's.
Ht: Six-foot-one
Wt: two twenty. My cartilaginous webbing weighs a bunch.
Mother: Carla Calendula Fitz
Father: Daniel Trapper Fitz
Sibs: Randolph, Sam, Neil, Ally, and Crow
Spouses etc: Koyote and Ran.
Appearance: I'm a big guy. Kinda bulky, spiky brown hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin. I have a nice ass and my toes are kinda hairy. I don't really know how to describe myself. I have a collection of scars and I'm usually smiling. I keep my fingernails so short people tend to think I bite 'em, but I don't. I have thick wrists, a happy trail, and some little freckles and moles and such...kind of usual.
Type: Warrior
Subtype: Avatar
Color: red, baby.
Blood type: A-
Likes: sports, weapons, odd words, food, pop culture, the outdoors, the indoors, animals, world travel, fighting, close friends, sex, lots of weird family, the eldritch, being a Fitz, the works of Gregory MacGuire, movies, stuff, sunsets, buying things (not clothes)
Dislikes: being alone, bigots, hypocrisy, anyone badmouthing my family, Randolph's emotional issues, any harm to my friends and loved ones, trying to hyphenate anything on a keyboard, leet speak, Randolph being sick, pork, the movie Baseketball, religious zealotry, people thinking I'm an idiot, hazing.

Why am I here? Partially, because my twin is. Little brother still likes to follow big brother around sometimes. As for the rest...'m not sure how to describe it. The urge to be flip is too strong...I'm not really going to answer the question now. Like the man says: "What a long, strange trip it's been."
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