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Basic information

I don't really like the written word all that much, so I think I'll do this in basic question-and-answer format like Randolph Fitz did. Here.

Name: in American terms, Kensuke Marusama.
Age: 31. Same world as Ilfren
D.O.B.: March 17, 1975
Ht: 5'10"
Wt: nonnaya business. Fags don't have to say their weight. Slim.
Mother: Asuka Marusama
Father: Seto Marusama
Sibs: one older sister named Naruko
Spouses? We have to pluralize this? Decadent perverts, all. I have one, count 'em, one husband, name of Muraki Narusoba.
Physical Description: I've got ashy brown hair that falls in my face if I'm looking down, reddish-brown eyes, a slim build, a sexy ass, and nice feet. I wear glasses and I look a lot like my user icon. I have no body piercings and I look fantastic in drag. I love wearing shades of gray and silver. Tight pants are my friend, lab coats are common.
Hm. Type? Scientist
Subtype: Theoretical Mathematician
Things I like: Proper grammar and spelling on the internet, learning, being smarter than you (and you, and ESPECIALLY you), being a bitchy fag, my husband, my son Kaworu, being telepathic, being telekinetic, having extremely nebulous ethics, being overqualified to work for NASA, cashmere, Egyptian cotton sheets, ROCK AND ROLL WILL NEVER DIE.
Dislikes: squares, man. Also hippies, straight people who say "faggot", people who don't believe in bisexuality, the entire IDEA of metrosexuality, fags who look at Oscar Wilde like some kind of decadent Fag God, the fact that nobody really gives a damn about Nobel prizes anymore, running out of interesting things to get degrees in, stupid people, fat people, tourists, those dumb fat carts you see in America, mu-mus, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, the fact that nobody can tell the difference between pedophilia and pederasty, homophobia, thongs, "bling" being EVER used by white people, racism, gay pride parades (thank you, Randolph), ska music, Avril Livigne, Celine Dion, nearly all hip-hop, Mariah Carey, women who think wailing like a dog with its tail stuck in a tea kettle counts as singing, and A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER SHIT.
Color: silver
Blood type: O-
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