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Name: Elsa Miriam Naranek II

Age: 1119

Date of Birth: October 28

Height: 5'3"

Homeworld: Kinmoku? Ermaria?

Race: I'm a welfare check!

Siblings: none

Spouses and permanent lovers: .... I'd rather not talk about that.

Appearance: I'm short, my hair is the color of blood, and I'm usually covered in armor.

Color: Kablammo!

Type: Adventurer

Subtype: Observer

Things I like: caves, exploring, Avernum, kicking some ass, new worlds, watching people, helping people who aren't emotionally crippled or psychotic, the color black, weapons, teaching people, happy friendly spiders

Things I dislike: men who don't understand that lesbians means NOT YOU, people who obsess over lesbians, people who think a broken relationship should stay together just because they "like a picture", stupid girls in love, people who take advantage of love, snails, happy friendly roaches, cave slimes, people who only care about treasure, being a princess, frivolous living, fat people who cry about their weight while eating ice cream.

Blood type: ??

Why am I here?: I have nowhere else to be.
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