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Personal information and in need of a better picture

Name: Shinji Didier Peltier

Age: 150

Date of Birth: December 22nd, 1858

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 159  (vampires are a bit light after all)

Mother: Vivian Evette Peltier

Father: Kurozuku Shinji

Siblings: Genivieve Azura Peltier

Spouses and permanent lovers: Anarazumi Hajime

Appearance: Wide shoulders and thin with short black hair (with one grey streak on one side and two on the other), a sharp face with a varied grab-bag of French and Japanese facial features. Light blue eyes with snow flurries (my, doesn't that sound fanciful) and the pale skin and long boxed off ears of the Aokaze (my clan).

Color: cyan blue

Type: deviant artistocrat

Subtype: bohemian paradox

Things I like: wicked ways, Yurei, music, true art, keeping lofty, silence, learning to breathe through love, poetry, silk, composing, falling, getting back up, various and passionate liasons, the cello, studying ice magic, owning and defending a plethora of French pornography, griping at bad artists, philosophy,

Things I dislike: America as a whole, grease, fried things, unpleasant odors, oil, gritty anything, boring sex or people, banality, a life without pain, Christianity's current state, women who aren't elegant or strong, glaring colors, not having eyes, mass produced trinkets, dead gods, people who believe one should never kill, spiders, pungent perfumes

Blood type: Yurei's

Why am I here?: Because I want to foster a place where freedom of speech is about analyzing the nature of existence and about interesting viewpoints instead of a license to crudely spread ridiculously ignorant self-important opinions.

Also, I am curious to a fault.
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