kuchidzumou (kuchidzumou) wrote in thewickedplace,

Some me

Name: Austra Reikaido

Age: 79 or 1 depending on how you look at it

Date of Birth: February 13th

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 189 (silver makes me quite heavy for my height)

Mother: Reikaido Reisa

Father: Reikaido Dai

Siblings: brother and a sister, Yatsudo and Akako

Spouses and permanent lovers:  Aya, Shin

Appearance: Layered hair made of silver, purple eyes, small build, and delicate hands. My smile is where most of me is.

Color: Well, that's rather obvious

Type: Archmage

Subtype: thrillseeker

Things I like: ancient ruins, arcane studies, tomes, violent changes, beauty personified through willpower, determination, being sadistic, acrobatics, Aya's stories, pirating, our flying ship, Mischa's cheekbones, butterflies and their counterpart razors, magical languages, dragonic

Things I dislike: Oh that list is so long I dare not try and capture it all at once. Pretentious "elite", sore losers, sour things, simple minds, repetition, synthesizers, not having a comfortable amount of treasure to support my complete refusal to work outside adventuring

Blood type: silver

Why am I here?: I am wicked after all.
Tags: evil and crispy evil
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