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Outcast Jedi of the Old Republic

Name: in western order, Hajime Anarazumi.

Aliases: Yuurei, Aeloki, and a variety hour of pet names.

Age: 19

Birthdate: November 10, 1986

Ht: 5'2" and assorted small change

Wt: fluctuates between 128 and 132, depending on what I've been doing and if I've been eating.

Mother: Naomi Anarazumi, driving instructor, swinger, Wonder Woman, exploratory chef

Father: Satoru Anarazumi, diplomat, Batman, patient paternal hero

Siblings: older sister Hanako Anarazumi, vampire, lezzbin, fag hag; younger brother Sanosuke Anarazumi, artist, playa, best little brother ever

Spouses and permanent lovers: Lords above and below. Spouses: Eric Stratton, Shizua Anarazumi, Shinji Peltier. Permanent lovers: Kei Nandegawa, Hisoka Mitsurugi. Casual ongoing lovers: Carrot, Raphael, Charlie, Kaioba, Hadrizel. Deceased permanent lover: Shiyo.

Hair: absorptive black

Eyes: ditto. Not quite matte black, but about as dark as India ink.

Type: King

Subtype: Horror

Color: that one true breathless blue between sunset and darkness, between wishing and holding, between breath and blood. My color may be black, but my heart lives in blue.

Blood type: A

Likes: sex, ghosts, shinto, being constantly underestimated, inspiring passion, inspiring fear, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, good movies, martial arts, kyuudo, being multilingual, an intergalactic assload of dimensional travel, my friends, my family, my loved ones, driving, being right, being MORE right than Kyle, sushi, dark chocolate chip cookies, lemonade, quiet summer evenings, sunsets, Paris, Pluto, Japan, Japanese culture, teasing Shin about France, Clint Eastwood movies, abandoned places, academics, air hockey, alan rickman, amusing quotes, angel, angel sanctuary, anime, astrophysics, bad scifi movies, being gay, being loved, bladerunner, blades, books, buffy the vampire slayer, bunny boys, cats, chemistry, classical history, cocoa, comparative theology, contemplation, cryptozoology, dance dance revolution, dancing, dark chocolate, david bowie, doujinshi, driving my husband nuts, exhibitionism, family, fever dreams, fireflies, freedom, friends, gackt, ghosts, godless heathens, gods, gojira flicks, h.p. lovecraft, hating anne rice, immortality, intellectual elitism, j-rock, japanese culture, jrock, literature, lord of the rings, lovers, magic, making exceptions, martial arts, meandering, meditation of pain, mortality, music, my fish, my friends, mysteries, mythology, natural world, neopets, obsidian, occult, oddities, peace and quiet, pluto, sadism, samurai movies, sandunes, scars, secrets, sen to chihiro, singing, space, stargazing, supernatural, teasing, terry pratchett, unagi, unashamed sexuality, vampires, violin, waterfalls, wholeness, winter, yaoi. Haha, I have reprinted my interests list, and I regret nothing.

Dislikes: Bigots, chili, fried food, pedophiles, and Miki's whore ass are my biggest dislikes.
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