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Name: Halsinzeh

Age: A little over two and a half thousand

Date of Birth: unknown, but I'll take October 25th

Height: 6'11

Weight: 280

Mother: Priestess Lailianne

Father: Guess Who

siblings: none, thankfully

Spouses and permanent lovers: Jacob....and? I wonder.

Appearance: Tall with dark hair and eyes, a tendency towards black layered robes with intricate designs and shifting patterns. Hair to the bottom of my back if released from the hundreds of braids my hair is kept in. It is a Black dragon custom to braid your hair more the older you are. My kingdom's stones include black diamond, obsidian, onyx, and tiger's eye and I use them woven through my hair sometimes.

Color: Black and Violet

Type: Black Dragon King

Subtype: Nightmare Sculptor

Things I like: dark gardens, understanding and crafting desires, philosophy, rich foods, dessert, cats, sleeping on....treasure, being just mean enough, reading, flying in space

Things I dislike: hypocrisy, simpletons, being hungry, sleeping too much, headaches

Blood type: ...I have no idea. Demi-god Light I suppose.

Why am I here?: Apparently there are wicked people discussing themselves here, why wouldn't I be interested? And I believe Reve was using this place as well.
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